Strolling with the Mind


I want to talk about spiritual walking.  I can walk on the ground, I can perhaps grasp “walking through life” but spiritual walking what could that be?  And the verse says it “If you will walk in my statutes”. How do you go for a walk in a statute?


My feet crush the fresh blanket of leaves, I breathe in the air that oozes the vitality of an early winters’ day, the icy wind brushes my face as I take another step along the well trodden path.  The path comes to an abrupt end and I start to push my way through the knee high bushes, making a new path in undergrowth.  I push on until the bushes become impenetrable.  I turn around and retrace my steps along the rough path that I had just made and try another route.


Spiritual walking is done in the land of the mind, no fresh leaves or winter wind.  Walking is moving closer to the destination, traversing the distance between the point of departure and the destination.  Spiritual walking is making the conceptual journey from my original understanding to a completely new one.  The statute becomes the landscape that I explore, ever deepening my comprehension in a never-ending journey.  The walk becomes the purpose.  I will never reach my destination.  Walking towards a new look at life becomes the  ongoing experience of my inner world.  Yes, that’s it.  Without the poetry, the metaphors and new leaves on the ground.  That is life, walking towards a new view of life with intent and focus.  And learning so much every step of the way.