Learning Techniques

Intro. into Gemara  1: 29.11.15

Intro. into Gemara 2: 3.12.15

Intro. into Gemara 3: 6.12.15

Intro. into Gemara 4: 7.12.15

Intro. into Gemara 5: 8.12.15

Intro. into Gemara 6: 13.12.15

Experiential Learning – 1 – Nov ’15

Experiential Learning – 2 – Nov ’15

Bava Metzia 9b Structural Analysis 

Bava Metzia 9b Powerful Questioning 


Rashi Analysis

Structapop 3-5-3 M.A.T. – Kiddushin 41a

Kiddushin 41a – Structapop

Kiddushin 41 Deconstruct – Reconstruct 

Kiddushin Structural Analysis 

Kiddushin 41a Rashi 

Kiddushin 41 Tosfos 

Kiddushin 41a Shlichus 

Kiddushin 41a Shilchus: Tosfos 

Kiddushin 41a The Seven Wonders of the Rishonim 

Kiddushin 41 a Deeper understanding 

Kiddushin 41 a Trumah 

Kiddushin 41 a Maharsha

Kiddushin 41 a Machlokes Rishonim

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