A New Learning Programme

Shalom uBrocha


The study of Torah is the only way that we can rewire the hard-drive of our brains.  Through familiarizing ourselves with the manner and content of the Torah we purify and elevate our basic process of cognition.

One of my deepest desires is to move ever forward in the process of the knowledge of Hashems’ wisdom.  However without a strategic and thorough approach, the Torah student’s ultimate enemy –vagueness- lurks in the background forever ready to pounce.

With this in mind we have uploaded a whole new series of shiurim focused on developing learning techniques and strategies.  The shiurim are recordings of my daily iyun shiur in the Center program and the style is quite interactive.

I invite you to join in the shiur and travel with us through the choppy waters of the Talmudic sea.

The shiurim can be found under the “Gemora Tools – Learning How to Learn” section.  All feedback, kashyas, heoras and tiyuvtas are very welcome.

With heartfelt blessings for a ksiva vchasima tova.



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